On Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews are arranged for employers looking to fill full-time career opportunities as well as internships. This is a convenient option for employers to conduct all of their interviews in one day at FIU. Scheduling and managing on campus interviews is easy through Panther JOBLink, our online recruitment software. FIU’s on-campus recruitment seasons typically occurs during the following times: late September through mid-November and late January through early March. Summer schedules are arranged upon request.

 Setting Up Your Campus Interview Dates

To choose from the widest range of dates available, we encourage you to make arrangements for your visit(s) for the upcoming academic year during the summer. Please log into your Panther JOBLink account to submit an on-campus interview request. If you do not have a Panther JOBLink account, you can create one within a few minutes.

Please contact Carmen Rosado, the On-Campus Recruitment Coordinator at rosadoc@fiu.edu for additional information regarding on campus interviews. We also encourage you to call her at (305) 348-2423 to confirm receipt of your registration form or to handle questions regarding your campus recruitment visit.

Scheduling Tailored to Your Needs

A typical schedule consists of 13 thirty-minute interviews that begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. If you need to arrange your schedule in a manner that is different from the standard, we will tailor a schedule for you to meet those needs. We will work to accommodate you and make your visit as successful as possible!

 Types of Schedules Available

 Open Schedule:
In an open schedule, candidates see your position on Panther JOBLink and sign up on a “first come, first serve” basis. Panther JOBLink ensures that only those candidates that meet your requirements are able to submit a resume and immediately select an interview time.

Pre-Select Schedule:
With a Pre-Select schedule, candidates see your position on Panther JOBLink and submit their resumes for consideration by a pre-determined deadline. Employers will then be able to review and “invite” those candidates they would like to learn more about to an interview. With this type of schedule, employers only interview those students that they have determined are the best candidates for their positions.

Room Reservation Only:
This interview schedule allows employers to manage their own schedule. With this option, FIU Career Services simply provides a room for the interviews to take place.