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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Going Green: 11 Awesome Earth-Friendly Jobs

Do you care about making a difference as much as you care about your career?


“Green” jobs — defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as jobs that produce goods or services that benefit the environment or conserve natural …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Practice Area Insights: How to Break Into an Environmental Law Practice

Environmental law can differ greatly depending on an attorney’s client base; one can work for a public interest group or firm to fight to preserve the environment or can represent companies to navigate environmental regulations. On either side, the practice …

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What Companies Are in the Energy Field in 2024?

The energy field is massive, spanning renewable energy, nuclear power, and oil and gas. But, what companies are in the energy field? Many of the largest energy companies focus on oil and gas, though companies in solar power and electric …

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How Climate Change Effects the Job Market

John Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas

This week, Cargill Beef announced that it will be shuttering one of its Texas plants as a prolonged drought in the state thins cattle herds to their lowest levels in 60 years. The …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Digital Tools

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning courses are available to all current students.  For Alumni Access please visit LinkedIn Learning to start an account.

Daily Habits to Live Sustainably

Taught by Elizabeth Bagley, PhD
Going all in on personal climate solutions doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. In fact, many climate actions have a…

34 Things to Know about Carbon and Climate

Taught by Seth Godin
The simple facts of climate change will surprise you. In this course, Seth Godin and a team of volunteer editors…

How to Get a Job in Climate

Taught by Natalie Lavery
Jobs in the climate sector are growing, and growing fast. Unfortunately, much of the growth in climate jobs has to…

Digital Sustainability: How to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Taught by Lorena Díaz Quijano
Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Why not examine your digital footprint, too? In this course, instructor Lorena…

Climate Change: A Top ESG Concern

Taught by Fulya Kocak Gin
Climate change lies at the heart of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approach to business. If you’re looking to…

Climate Adaptation and the Cost of Inaction

Taught by Boston Consulting Group
How well will the world adapt to increasingly frequent extreme climate events? The answer depends on your leadership approach. To…

Introduction to Natural Resources

Taught by SDG Academy
How can we use natural resources responsibly? As we become more aware of how human actions impact our planet, this…

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: ESG and the Future of Business

Taught by Fawad Qureshi
According to a recent study, the earth will be operating at 200% of its resource capacity by 2030, which is…

An Introduction to AI and Sustainability

Taught by Amy Luers
Humanity is at a pivotal moment. To avert the worst impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, society must transform…

Sustainable UX Design

Taught by Tetiana Gulei
Sustainability is a core component of effective product design in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of UX. In this course,…

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