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34 Things to Know about Carbon and Climate

The simple facts of climate change will surprise you. In this course, Seth Godin and a team of volunteer editors and designers cover more than 30 important points from the Carbon Almanac, a thoroughly annotated resource compiled by 1900 people across 91 countries. In this fast-moving overview, you’ll discover insights needed for leadership on this critical issue. Topics include the danger of coal and the myth of plastic recycling. You’ll learn about the affordability of solar; the surprising amount of electricity used by Bitcoin; how the growth of convenience changed everything; and much more. Most of all, you’ll discover that this worldwide systemic problem demands a systemic solution. You didn’t cause climate change, and your personal habits aren’t enough to solve it. Opportunities exist for leadership, connection, and even profit. This course points out chances that we have to shift our posture, embrace equity and opportunity, and make an impact.

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