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Introduction to Natural Resources

How can we use natural resources responsibly? As we become more aware of how human actions impact our planet, this has become one of the defining questions of our time. In this course, go over the history of oil, gas, and mining, and then dive into the challenges and opportunities surrounding natural resource extraction and management. Find out how mining and the extraction of minerals and energy resources have shaped the modern world, from the Bronze Age to the present. Learn about the decision chain of natural resource management for oil, gas, and mining, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing each of these industries. Explore ways to extract resources sustainably, dive into legal and regulatory frameworks and the basic principles for good allocation of mineral rights, and go over ways to implement and monitor such legal frameworks. Plus, discover international laws pertaining to extractive industries and the role and governance surrounding state-owned enterprises.

This course was created by SDG Academy. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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