EPI Student Testimonials

“Most students believe that the skills they have gained applying to an entry level position at restaurants and retail jobs are the ones that they will need when applying for a job after obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree. The Executive Protégé Initiative helped me realize this is not true. In reality, when completing the hiring process to acquire a vital position in your field of study, not only will management view your skills to perform the job, but also the professionalism in your communication, resume writing and so forth will demonstrate your ability to innovate and lead their company to higher level. In summary, in the process of obtaining a position in your field of study you will be expected to perform at a higher professional level, than in minor jobs where degrees are not required and The Executive Protégé Initiative will help you get there (like it has helped me).”

— Jose Peralta, Criminal Justice

“The Executive Protégé Initiative has to be one of the greatest programs in FIU. It gives you the tools necessary to succeed in all your career aspects. I was able to perfect my interviewing skills through a series of workshops and practice interviews. I also learned to master networking skills so that I can properly make much needed connections. I strongly recommend for everyone to take part in this wonderful opportunity because you not only develop your career skills, but you also meet some great people along the way.”

— Yaneli Valdes, Criminal Justice

“I am currently a sophomore with a major in finance and I wanted to thank you so much for the hard work you guys put in on me as well as many other students. Throughout my freshman year and sophomore year there have been many different programs and events that I attended that helped me reach the internship I am now in. Attending career fair and the different workshops were very helpful to network with employers and gave me the skills and drive to pursue a competitive internship.

I am now working as a financial representative in Northwestern Mutual, a top ten internship in the country. I don’t think I would’ve gotten the job without the professionalism in dress and speech that I learned through the Executive Protégé Initiative (EPI). In addition, I learned how to write a professional resume that I constantly update and now have the skills to update myself. I know this is a skill and a tool that I will use consistently throughout my working years.

The best part is that I know that career services will always be there to help me whether I’m a student or alum of FIU. They will be there to help you achieve your potential if you choose to put in the work. Thank you again for the dedication and work you guys put in, without you I don’t think I would’ve succeeded as much.”

— Isaac Mizrahi, Finance

“EPI has provided me with exceptional tools for my career development such as resume critiques, and how to start a budget savings plan. I plan to use what I learn to continue to apply to internships as well as encourage other students to join the EPI program. I know that having the right tools and great supporters can lead you to a bright and successful future and EPI provides that and so much more.”

— Jessica Figueroa, Public Relations