How to Refer Students and Employers

The Career Services Office does not place students in internships but provides resources for employers to identify and select quality FIU students and alumni.

  • FIU Career Services accords equal opportunity to all placement registrants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status or veteran status.
  • All employers recruiting through Career Services are likewise expected to conform to Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices.
Services for Students

We encourage our faculty to direct students and alumni to the Career Services Office. Registered students have access to employers who are actively seeking student interns for varying majors and backgrounds. Employers are brought onto campus to conduct information sessions, meet and greets, practice interviews, career fairs, and much more.

Through the Career Services Office, students can utilize the Panther JOBlink online job listings system. There FIU students have access to internship listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to our online system, we offer on campus career coaching, career and professional assessments, and workshops; all geared to prepare students for future careers.

Please refer students to Mr. Matt Tanner, Assistant Director of Internships, CDM, at or 305-348-6725.

Services for Employers

We encourage our faculty to direct employers to the Career Services Office. Most employers prefer to consider as many qualified students as possible that accurately reflect the diversity of FIU students. By being referred to the Career Services Office, employers can access the greater number of potential student interns using one convenient FIU source – the Panther JOBLink.

The Career Services Office utilizes the Panther JOBlink online job listings system. There FIU students have access to internship listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The steps below will guide employers on how to create an employer account and to post job opportunities at FIU:

Step 1: Create/Register an Employer Account

  • Click Create employer account and complete company information, services requested and contact information. Click submit.

***Account registration may take up to 48 hours for approval.*** Once approved, log back into your account with your username and password at

Step 2: Post a Job at FIU

  • Log into Panther JOBlink. Under “shortcuts” click on “Create FIU Job Posting”.
  • Make sure to provide:
    • A clear job description that includes expected learning outcomes for students;
    • The type of compensation provided by the company;
    • The approximate hours of work per week and the duration of the internship;
    •  Any student qualifications (i.e. bilingual, basic Photoshop, or understanding of AutoCad); and
    • Number of positions and any other relevant internship information.
  • Click “submit”.

Please refer employers to Ms. Martha Rosa, Assistant Director of Internships, ERT, at or 305-348-3420.