Student Testimonials

I never took advantage of the Career Services Center until my Junior year at Florida International University. I’ve always heard about it on campus, but never took the initiative to speak to an advisor. Planning out what you want to do “for the rest of your life” can be intimidating- but it doesn’t have to be. I didn’t know where to start, but from the day I walked in, my experience has been nothing but excellent. With the help of Matt Tanner and the rest of the Career Services staff, I was able to land an internship in Barcelona for that following summer! It’s amazing how something that seems so simple, such as editing your resume with an advisor, can make such a huge difference.There are so many resources available for students and helpful staff to guide you every step of the way. From Panther JobLink, internship fairs, job updates, resume critiques and mock interviews- through resources alone you are able to thoroughly prepare yourself for any short term or long term goal.

Currently, I am relocating to Los Angeles for my dream internship with Sony Pictures for the upcoming Spring semester. I sincerely have to thank Career Services for helping me achieve so much for my future, in such a short amount of time. Anything as simple as tailoring a resume for a summer job, to as complex as figuring out a plan for your future after graduation, you are in good hands. Career Services is undeniably one of the greatest resources FIU has to offer.

— Taylor Diaz-Rogers, Advertising & Marketing Major

When I first created an account through the Panther JOBLink, I knew I would be opening a portal of different job and internship opportunities. At the beginning it seemed a little bit impersonal, so I decided to visit the actual Career Services Office at MMC. That same day, I met Mr. Darren Gregory and other kind staff from the office.
One day, as I was signed in into my JOBLink account, I saw a flyer calling out for volunteers for the Internship Fair. With no hesitation, I emailed both Sonia Gonzalez and Sabrina Gonzalez letting them know I wanted to volunteer. At the day of the Internship Fair, I was not only able to meet other students that were volunteering but also all the other great Career Services staff from both MMC and BBC, especially Carmen Rosada, who gave me very good advice. While volunteering, I also got the chance to interact and talk to different companies’ reps.
The main ones that attracted me were Univision and Optimum7.There was no coincidence that the COO of Optimum,7 who was at the fair and with whom I got the chance to speak to, was from Turkey and that I had visited his country 5 years ago and still knew a few words in Turkish. Because of that, we were able to build a good rapport and, long story short, this is my 4th week as the Internet Marketing Intern at Optimum7!! I know I would have not gotten this opportunity if it weren’t by God’s love and grace. As it is written, “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28).

— Alexandra Castillo Escobar, Public Relations Major

As an international student, finding a job here in the U.S was difficult. I was not familiar with the process of a job interview, but I improved with help from Career Service. Upon discovering Career Service, I took advantage of its resources, and became a member of their EPI program, and also took parts in many of their workshops for resume writing and face to face mock interviews. During my time as a member of the EPI program, Career Service trained me regularly and offered many resume critiques and mock interviews. As a result of both Career Service and my hard works, I improved immensely on my capabilities of landing on a job here in the U.S. The most outstanding aspect was the coaches. The career coaches were energetic, helpful, and enthusiastic about my career. Career Service not only helped me on becoming more capable in my career field, but it also provided hundreds of job opportunities on its website, and hosted many career fairs for me to browse through. Now I work for a healthcare company, and on my path to start my dream career. I sincerely thank Career Service for helping me on achieving what I have today, and would like encourage many other FIU scholars to pursue their careers through the helps of Career Service.

— TingTing Liang, MBA in Healthcare

The Career Services Center’s information sessions, services, and unwavering support enabled me to achieve my career goal of working for the U.S. Federal Government. I was first introduced to their services by attending one of their resume critique sessions. After that session, armed with my newly revised resume, I was able to apply for an internship with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Washington, DC. That same summer I enrolled in a graduate degree program and through one of the Career Services Center’s networking events I was able to meet and network with more USDA employees. I graduated in the Fall, and this Spring the USDA reached out to me and offered a permanent position in one of their departments. The Careers Services Center played a key role in helping me secure the career of my dreams. I really hope that current and future students continue to value and use their services the same way that I did. Thank you Career Services Center team, keep enabling and assisting FIU’s students achieve their career goals and dreams!

— Jose Roman , Management Information Systems (MS) & Information Technology (BS)

As a graduate from FIU, I had a little trouble finding employment relating to my major due to a crippling amount of available positions. During that time, Career Services offered me resume critiques and frequently kept me informed on new job opportunities and job fairs. Ultimately, that is what led me to interviewing, and accepting a job offer working for Defense Logistics Agency in the Department of Defense! Career Services has been invaluable and I feel I have a career path set in stone from this point on. So whether current student or alumnus, don’t miss an opportunity to team up with Career Services to help you find your path in life.

— Daniel Pitaluga , Architecture

I knew I had to start looking for a job because I was getting close to graduation. This is why I decided to go to career services at FIU. A few weeks later, I was notified about the Mayors’ Executive Internship, and I though this will be a great opportunity to get more experience. I went to the interview, and I got selected. Once the internship started, I realized that due to the County deficit, the job opportunities were very few. This is why I kept looking for a job. One day, career services notified me about the Defense Logistics Agency. This federal agency was doing interviews for veterans. I didn’t wait and I went to the first interview. I am proud to say that I am 1 of the 4 FIU students who got selected to work as a contracts specialist for the Defense Logistics Federal Agency in Philadelphia. All I can say is thank you career services, you are awesome!.

— Angel C. Sanchez Ghersi, Master’s in Public Administration

A little over a year ago during my senior year, I interviewed with a panel of judges for the Miami Herald’s Silver Knight Awards. Being my first interview, I was not only a nervous wreck but embarrassed myself in front of a panel of respectable judges. Exactly one year from the day I melted in my Silver Knight interviews, I was faced with another interview, this time for a corporate internship with Pepsi. Weeks after interviewing, I was invited to participate in the Sales Development Program. Thank you Career Services for all your help and support throughout my application process. Your programs gave me the confidence to believe in myself and obtain this position. For those applying, remember: “All obstacles can be overcome to achieve your dreams”.

— Jose Nunez, Marketing Major

“My experience with Career Services at Florida International University has been wonderful. From day one, the staff has gone above and beyond in supporting me with my career search. The aid I received from the counselors in critiquing my resume and cover letter helped me in getting a job interview on campus. Furthermore Darren Gregory, one of the employment coordinators in the office, also performed a mock interview with me, which essentially assisted me in landing the job!!! As a graduating Panther, I am extremely grateful for the resources offered within Career Services as they helped me in reaching the next phase of my career path. Additionally, I highly recommend that all students take advantage of what their office has to offer.”

— Tamara Rousseau, Public Administration Major ’11

“In my search for a summer internship, I relied on the help of Career Services. Before my search began Career Services helped me build my resume and tailor it to find an internship in the hospitality industry. Their mock interviews helped me in my interview style and comfort. I am now near the completion of my internship at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, and I would like to recognize Florida International University’s Career Services Office for their help. Their assistance has helped me find a place where I truly enjoy working. Thank you Career Services and thank you FIU!”

— Jerry Campos, Marketing and Hospitality Management Double Major ‘10

“I was just writing to let you know that I finished the Disney College Program and I found a job! It’s a management trainee program with ITT tech. I just want to thank you for all of the work you put into DEI! Because DEI (DEI is Delta Epsilon Iota, a career-centered academic honor society) worked with Career Services, I was able to interact with employers all the time through our networking events. I was also able to meet those who worked in FIU’s Career Services and learned more about what I was doing wrong and right during interviews and how to make the perfect resume.”

— Lindsey Washington, Finance Major ‘09