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9 Profession-Specific Resume Tips for IT, Finance, and Marketing Execs

Creating an effective executive resume isn’t easy. You must show how you've been able to make money and improve company processes, as well as appropriately tailor your resume for the industry in which you work. To that end, here are …

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11 Best Paying Jobs in Finance

The highest paying jobs in finance include top-level executive positions and relatively entry-level careers, like financial analysts. In other words, the industry pays well at all levels. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), we identified the best-paying …

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Best entry-level jobs for finance majors

Having a degree in finance can take you in many different directions, each rewarding and fulfilling in its own way. Whether you want to end up as the head of finance for a major corporation or build your own empire …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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What Companies Are in the Finance Field in 2023?

The finance and financial services industry includes well-known banks, like JPMorgan and Bank of America, alongside Big Four accounting firms, like EY and PwC. However, the finance industry is vast and goes well beyond banking and accounting. So, what companies …

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Career Resources

Digital Tools

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning courses are available to all current students.  For Alumni Access please visit LinkedIn Learning to start an account.

Excel: Economic Analysis and Data Analytics

Taught by Michael McDonald
Economics affects us all each day—from issues like inflation to the health of the economy and risk of a recession.…

How to Budget on a Starting Salary

Taught by Madecraft
Transitioning to a job with a starting salary is exciting, but creating a budget based upon it can be completely…

The Business of Accounting

Taught by Joshua Rischin
Accounting has shifted from being a transactional-oriented business to being a customer-centric one. In this course, accounting expert Joshua Rischin…

Learning Lightroom

Taught by Jan Kabili
Get started with Lightroom, the powerful, cloud-centric system from Adobe for editing, organizing, and sharing your photos. In this course,…

Shifting Your Mindset for Financial Agility

Taught by Madecraft
If you haven’t already, you’re likely to experience financial strain at some point during your lifetime. Fortunately, these stressful situations…

Excel for Accounting

Taught by Madecraft
Excel is one of the most important skills for an accountant to have, but it can be tough if you’re…

Sketch: Style Guides and Asset Libraries

Taught by Emmanuel Henri
Style guides and asset libraries give designers and developers a working database of proven, reusable design patterns, enhancing team collaboration…

Branding with Adobe Express

Taught by Nicte Cuevas
If you’re looking to ramp up your branding skills, why not check out Creative Cloud Express? It’s the approachable graphic…

Accounting Foundations: Understanding the Accounting Cycle and Accrual-Basis Accounting

Taught by Denise Probert
How can you make sure your financial statements accurately reflect the economic activities of your company? Put a great process…

Using Data in Financial Analysis

Taught by Michael McDonald
Big data has transformed the world of business. Yet many people don’t understand what big data and business intelligence are,…

Corporate Finance: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Taught by Earl Stice
Corporations conduct business activities that have an impact on the environment, peoples’ lives, and on notions of ethics and transparency.…

Build Your Financial Literacy

Taught by Madecraft
If you’ve ever felt confused by financial decisions you needed to make, or financial documents that you needed to read,…

Starting Your Career as a Financial Analyst

Taught by Ben Sullins
Curious about pursuing a career as a financial analyst? If so, you may want to explore the basics of what…

Essentials of Masking in Photoshop and Lightroom

Taught by Theresa Jackson
Masking is one of the most commonly preferred tools for editing and compositing digital images. It’s easy to get started…

Preparing Designs for Developer Handoff

Taught by Joseph Labrecque
Working as part of a development team can differ from preparing designs for a separate client. In this course, Joseph…

Telling a Story with Creative Cloud Express

Taught by Richard Harrington
Graphic design is all about telling stories. In this course, author Rich Harrington shows you how to tell your story…

Essential Graphic Production Techniques

Taught by Nigel French
If you’re a graphic designer—or you want to become one—you need to know how to leverage the full power of…

Foundations of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Taught by Kedric Van de Carr
No matter where you go these days, it seems like everyone is talking about cryptos. The future of finance—who can…

Foundations of Business Banking

Taught by Earl Stice
The rise of digital technology has certainly changed the role of the banker. But traditional banks still wield considerable power…

Adobe Bridge CC: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Taught by Richard Harrington
Adobe Bridge CC is a hard-working component of the Creative Cloud package that can help you manage photos, preview video…

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