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Careers for Graduates with a Degree in Sociology

Its Not Who You Know, It’s What You Know About Them

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Graduates with a degree in sociology have completed a four year curriculum which gives them a readiness to begin variety of careers immediately. In …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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10 Jobs That Are Great for Sociology Majors (Plus Expert Advice on How to Land One)

Sociology is one of those majors with no set path after graduation, which can be scary as you’re planning to enter the workforce for the first time. The trade-off is that you’ll actually have a lot of flexibility in what …

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Choosing a Career in Psychology

Society is crowded with many different kinds of people, which create problems of how to live and work together and live with oneself. It is in these situations which psychology serves its purpose by creating answers to these questions. Psychology …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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What to Do With a Psychology Major: 8 Jobs You Should Consider

If you already have or are thinking about pursuing a degree in psychology, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association’s Center for Workforce Studies, about 3.5 million people in the United States held a bachelor’s degree in psychology …

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Digital Tools

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning courses are available to all current students.  For Alumni Access please visit LinkedIn Learning to start an account.

Crisis Communication Planning After a Ransomware or Other Cybersecurity Attack

Taught by David Oates
Cyberattacks are a huge problem, but you can prepare your organization with a multi-faceted communications program to inform and reassure…

Cause Selling: The Secret to Nonprofit Donations

Taught by Fundraising Academy
In fundraising, building relationships is an art form. You need a pragmatic mindset and ample preparation to succeed at identifying,…

Nonprofit Fundraising: Using Relationships to Drive Growth

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Fundraisers are an integral part of building a nonprofit organization. The values, mission, and services of your organization don’t sell…

Nonprofit Fundraising: A Beginner’s Guide

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Relationships are part of our daily lives, and focusing on them is a proven method for successful communication. To raise…

Using Cause Selling to Overcome Donor Objections

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Hearing no is a part of any negotiation, but if you can distinguish the difference between a hard no and…

Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Successful fundraising depends on a fundraiser’s ability to communicate knowledge about the organization effectively to current and prospective donors. In…

The Future of Workplace Learning

Taught by Amanda Nolen
HR leaders know that workplace learning is the difference between people—and the companies that employ them—staying relevant or becoming redundant.…

Leading through Chaos

Taught by Madecraft
Feeling like everything is out of control is incredibly frustrating, and the problem only intensifies when you’re in a position…

How to Commit Learning to Memory

Taught by Knowable
Yänjaa Wintersoul is a triple world-record holding memory athlete (like a spelling bee champion, but for memory) and one of…

How to Learn Faster

Taught by Knowable
Did you know it takes just 20 hours of practice to learn anything? Whether it’s a new language, instrument, craft,…

How to Craft Content and Trainings that Keep Teams Engaged

Taught by Madecraft
When you’re able to keep an audience engaged, you’re able to better help them learn and retain key information painlessly.…

Using Design Principles to Enhance Remote Trainings

Taught by Madecraft
You’ve established the structure of your remote training project along with its learning needs and goals, and you’re now ready…

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